Moondog b/w Richard Crandell

I really hope some people can grab a few drums and set up the structure/skeleton, and turn those vuvuzelas into honking geese.  Drone is drone.

Here’s an amazing radio portrait of the legendary Moondog and his wild musical extra-terrestial life, with the aid of his biographer Robert Scotto, courtesy of  the mighty WFMU:

Playlist For Irwin

(Around the 20/21 minute mark are a couple cuts from Moondog’s Honking Geese.)

And maybe down the line a country’s supporters will go nonchalant and moody and mystical with the mbira/likembe/kalimba/thumb piano/etc and lull the opponents into an undisciplined and erratic trance.

A simple go-to for me in this department is Richard Crandell and his terrific pacing and water-slowly-lapping technique:


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