Oral History On Paper

Hip Hop.

I’ve been making mixes at work of different stuff to let the day pass a tad more interestingly, and this is some newer hip hop, mostly all above 2000, that carries the golden legacy.  Undead and fully awake.

Here’s the run:

1.  Five Deez – Gateway 2000 (Slow Children Playing)
2.  Cyne – Excite Me (Dirty Pretty Things)
3.  The Perceptionists – Black Dialogue (Black Dialogue)
4.  Slum Village – I Don’t Know Instrumental (Fantastic Vol. 2.10)
5.  OneManArmy – What Time Is It (Project: F.E.T.U.S.)
6.  Madlib – Chant 2 (Madlib Medicine Show No.3 – Beat Conducta Goes To Africa)
7.  Diamond District – Back 2 Basics (In The Ruff)
8.  Oh No – Cosmos (Dr. No’s Oxperiment)
9.  Shadow Huntaz – Figure Of Speech (Corrupt Data)
10.  Insight – Inventors (Black) (The Blast Radius)
11.  Dr. Who Dat – ASAP (Flash) (Beat Journey)
12.  Dabrye feat. Ta’Raach – Pressure (Two/Three)
13.  Modill – Moves (Midnight Green)
14.   Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek (Reflection Eternal) – Africa Dream (Train Of Thought)
15.  Ricci Rucker – Do You See The Pattern (Fuga)
16.  Scienz Of Life – Still Standing (The Blaxpoitation Sessions)
17.  Invincible – Deuce/Ypsi (Shapeshifters)
18.  J-Live – A Charmed Life (All Of The Above)
19.  Roots Manuva – Styles Dub (Dub Come Save Me)

Hip Hop Download (Zip)


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