End Corridor Scoring

Dark edges (out the lines philosophy), think sharp sword music.  I’ve always given a peripheral robe some thought, and depending on the mood tend to seek out a more dangerous and fractured note to note sound.  I found Monoliths & Dimensions by Sunn O))) to be a generous climb-the-ladder grower of an album, and as a band.  Actually scary music that teeters on the lightness through its’ advanced aural landscape, not unlike a newer age music, albeit one with headless players.  Khanate stripped the paint and I can big-time dig the freer rock sentiment and going-for-it through a rewind pedal, and the cumbersome mud on the boots was/is a welcome.   And Earth, man, Earth, seem to have moved into a clearer more refined and delicate gospel version of their now bright devil music, almost in the true delta way – it doesn’t have to be heavy in that trained-our-ears to feel the doom since we hear the blacker chordings and shapes, etc. – but a still-true version of spirit-uplift and horned scare amongst the pretty geet lines and angelic lack of swiftness.

Sorry for the inane, but this group Aluk Todolo from France is the creep in my lights-out tough-to-navigate back alley (maybe that creep is me?).  Their myspace (linked) has a few choice edits from three of their releases and a scorcher of a rehearsal number, with this piece below being the slowed down version more crystallized/in focus:

And although this group Razen from Belgium isn’t hovering the black metal plain/plane at all, I still can’t shake a sense of mental confusion.  And while hearing this Bon Jovi indebted band in the park by our place right now completely take the rock out of “Ohio” by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Razen seem like the shower scene (Psycho and/or Arachnophobia) to my ears right now.  Killer out-there primitive brouhaha nonetheless.  It seems they went about recording an album on instruments they didn’t know how to play and chose to deep-end swim.  And you really wouldn’t know this listening to their pieces (although it seems like only one cut is up right now functioning on their site).  Here’s them in on a jam with Amolvacy (who are pretty twisted up as well, keeping with the ear damage theme) as part of a Kraak (Amazing institution/label/festival/etc, and home to the amazing Ignatz) night:

And a treading-water old-time mangled ghost from Ignatz, while we’re at it:


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