Give The Listen In

“Anti weak flow”

“Precision on lock”

I can’t help myself. There is quite a few new grabs down below in this mix of
hip hop, and I’m especially drawn to my latest pick-ups – the Lewis Parker and John
Robinson collab as well as the Ayatollah instrumental sound, and the Blac Sabbath
is a great solid alb front to back. Nothing too gritty here, but I should have a
few things coming down the pike to spike up the hard punch for a new throw.
(Maybe I’ll try and cobble together some kind of a threatening mix soon. TBD)

In the mean, here’s the listen:

1. Prince Paul – Gangsta’s My Style (Itstrumental)
2. 3582 – The E (Remix) (Situational Ethics)
3. The Juggaknots – Movin’ The Chains (Use Your Confusion)
4. Lewis Parker & John Robinson – Dues Paid (International Summers)
5. Black Milk – Sound Of The City (Instrumental) – (Broken Wax)
6. Superstar Quamallah – Do Win-Dis (Invisible Man)
7. Obba Supa – Free:AM Today (To:AM – Free:AM)
8. Quasimoto – Basic Instinct (The Unseen)
9. Thaione Davis – Fieldsongs (Situation Renaissance)
10. Little Brother – Sincerely Yours (The Minstrel Show)
11. Blacastan – Blac Magic (Blac Sabbath)
12. Ayatollah – Highway To Heaven (Now Playing)
13. Antipop Consortium – Capricorn One (Fluorescent Black)
14. Dalek – A Collection Of Miserable Thoughts Laced With Wit (Gutter Tactics)
15. Count Bass-D – Aural S(ECT)s (Dwight Spitz)
16. King Geedorah Feat. Hassan Chops – I Wonder (Take Me To Your Leader)
17. C-Rayz Walz – Elephant Guns (Ravipops)
18. 40 Winks – Keep On (The Lucid Effect)

Boom Bap Download


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