I was thinking about odd instruments done in a glorious way, shedding the skin of this-is-the-instrument-that-does-this vibe, and thinking about players who maybe take that instro into a totally angled direction, only to really come back full circle to a holy-shit-that-totally-works and really isn’t that weird; giving lessons so to speak.

Washington Phillips was a blues player whom rocked something that academics will still arm-wrestle (pull out the monocle) over.  Be it a zither or dolceola or celestaphoneagramoharpoguitarolin (I know, it isn’t, that doesn’t exist), it sounds river.

Susan Alcorn is a pedal steel guitarist that caught my ears a while back listening to her solo works, and recently a Eugene Chadbourne collab stuck out a touch as well.  She’s not afraid to get a little tweaked, yet holds that old-time sound you want to feel from the instrument ringing out all pretty like.   A great instrument to move the pylons.

Yoshi Wada is one hell-of-a bagpipe player when he isn’t droning other self-made oddities and kicking the shit out of our minimalist vision.  Here’s a link to his Off The Wall album released in 1985 up on UbuWeb, deemed a “bagpiping masterpiece” (I picture the quoter comparing bagpiping records and concerts for years on end to make this final conclusion, a thesis maybe) (nonetheless correct).

Side A

Side B

Paul Metzger calls the banjo his home, although he’s right messed about with it, adding strings and modifying it to his strengths, what comes out the other end is a radical hybrid of eastern and drone and eerie and quiet and shattering and odd.


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