Don’t Threaten Me

“Survival Of The Fittest”

I started compiling a mix of pieces that had a wee bit of a darker theme or narrative attached, in my head at least, and then veered tangentially into the delta and heavy hip hop, boom bap to me, gunning to others, and as always, ended up on the wrong side of the tracks, in my head at least.  Run on.

1. Popul Vuh – Angel Of The Air, Part 1 (Tantric Songs)
2. Reverend Charlie Jackson – I Gave Up All I Had (God’s Got It)
3. Zu – Carboniferous (Beats Viscera)
4. Black Moon – This Is What It Sounds Like (War Zone)
5. Guapo – Arthur, Elsie And Frances (Elixirs)
6. The Gnoua Brotherhood Of Marrakesh – Sidi Musakar (Moroccan Trance II: Sufi)
7. Liturgy – Arctica (Renihilation)
8. Mobb Deep – Survival Of The Fittest (The Infamous)
9. The Goslings – Motorcade (Occasion)
10. Laddio Bolocko – Beatrice The Coyote (The Life & Times Of Laddio Bolocko)
11. Fred & Annie Mae McDowell – The Lord Will Make A Way (My Home Is In The Delta)
12. The Inhabitants – What About The Water (A Vacant Lot)
13. Roc Marciano – Snow (Marcberg)
14. A Kostis – Kaike Ena Sholio (The Secret Museum Of Mankind Vol.2)
15. Super Numeri – The Chart (The Welcome Table)
16. Ben Frost – Híbakúsja (By The Throat)
17. Cheb Zergui – Ana Dellali (1970’s Algerian Proto-Rai Underground)
18. Land Of Kush – Against The Day (Against The Day)

Threaten Me Zip


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