A Little Shade

Compiled a possible aiming-to-be-mellow mix.

1. Bird Show – Tracers (Green Inferno)
2. John Lee Hooker – Heart Trouble Blues (Don’t You Remember Me)
3. Milford Graves – Nothing 13 (Percussion Ensemble With Sunny Morgan)
4. Steve Gunn – For Tyrone Hill (Steve Gunn)
5. Autechre – Tankraken (Quaristice)
6. Dink Roberts – Old Blue (Black Banjo Songsters Of North Carolina & Virginia)
7. Hisato Higuchi – Watashi Wa Asa O Matteita (Dialogue)
8. Dane Belany – Conviction (King Britt Presents The Cosmic Lounge)
9. Kunaicho Gakubu – Kitoku No Kyu (Gagaku: Japanese Traditional Music)
10. Junior Kimbrough – Meet Me In The City (You Better Run)
11. J Dilla – Waves (Donuts)
12. Anvil Salute – Hidden Languages (New Crusaders Of The 11th Commandment)
13. Robert Pete Williams – A Thousand Miles From Nowhere (Free Again)
14. Alice Coltrane – Oceanic Boulevard (A Monastic Trio)
15. Richard Crandell – Diagonal (Wayfaring Strangers: Guitar Soli)
16. D’Gary – Antsary Helo (Malagasy Guitar)

The DL


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