Sprinkling Of Hip Hop On The Cheapest Give-Away

Lately, with my killing of (off) time at work, I tend to sneak around trying to find some streams when I’ve hit overload with internet radio and my own personal holding, so here’s a this-week top five kev-for-free listens:

1.  M9 – Orion’s Stencil

I’ve been listening to a lot of British Hip Hop for some reason,   I think stemming back to my first Jehst listen and his excellent partnered-up running of the YNR Productions label that has a quite a few interesting records upon.  And Obba Supa were one of the first head-turners in my realm as well.   In turn (two-step), turns out they were guesting on and leading me to Half Past Calm 2 by Jon Phonics.  Besides having numerous bangers and features, this reck had a radical pairing of Jehst with Cyrus Malachi titled Raw Ingredients, the latter whom is in partnership with the above M9 aka Melanin 9 in both Triple Darkness and Orphans Of Cush.  This lot tend to bring a grittier more claustrophobic menace to their spits and productions.

2.  Damu The Fudgemunk – How It Should Sound Vol 1 & 2

Damu brings the classic dusty bap vinyl crackle.  Simplistic instrumental with the super rare feature.  A member of Y Society with Insight (whom is pretty incredible on his own path) and Panacea from Washington DC.

3.  Has-Lo – In Case I Don’t Make It

Tough trying to pick my go-to Mello Music Group reck, as both this puppy and Apollo Brown’s latest Daily Bread teamed with Hassaan Mackey are dope.   But I’ll tip my hat Has-Lo’s way as he’s young and hungry, and this album touches on an oft-times quite over-looked feeling in hip hop; a quasi depressive melancholy and contemplation.  This is a dude really looking within and trying to come up with some heavy answers and reaching – through total nods.

4.  Lewis Parker – The Puzzle: Episode One, The Big Game

The Man With The Golden Sound.

5.  J Rawls – The Hip-Hop Affect

Great production by a long-standing dusty-traditionalist.  Many a star-studded feature. Solid warm weather album to cruise your new hydraulics with.

6.  Boog Brown – Brown Study

I lied, top six.  Couldn’t pass up Apollo Brown’s choice production-work.  Dynamite showing always – everything he touches.  Boog claims the female-best emcee title rightly. An excellent collaboration pushing strengths.


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