Mauritania and the guitar and the flickering sand dunes dust billowing around the
fingers and voices of the experts, the families and the weddings and the chants
climbing the haze sun mountain, draped in the heat bathe, still sweatless, watering
towards the ecstatic. Camels bored, children in awe, the almost-shaking hand of
the recordists sending the brain-signals the green wonder light as night crawls in
like a barking snake moan both threatening and trusting calm:

BBC Radio 3 dropping a comprehensive on-the-scene journalism through musical reportage by Andy Kershaw following The Festival of Nomad Music in Mauritania.

Voice of America and Africa Music Treasures unveils the beauty of the music and
archives the uncovered for us.

Sahelsounds tagged through the Mauritanian binoculars, defining ethnomusicology and
the have-to-be-there to seefeel the blessed.

Two terrific albums worthy of your admission:

Moudou ould Mattalla & les chanteuses d’El Mouna – Guitare des sables

Wallahi Le Zein!! Wezin, Jakwar And Guitar Boogie From The Islamic Republic Of Mauritania


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