September 8th @ APK Live II Fond Of Tigers / The Riderless / You’ll Never Get To Heaven

Our favored Vancouverites, FoT, are swinging through S/W ON, and so we’ve locked them down for a London date. Also on the bill are former Haligonians, You’ll Never Get To Heaven. We’re quite pleased with this one!

$7 / 19+


Called “post-everything”, Juno award winning (2011 instrumental album of the year) Fond Of Tigers have been developing their hypnotic and intense music since 2003. Since its origins as a solo project of guitarist Stephen Lyons, the group has expanded to include its signature double-drumkit attack and processed violin and trumpet textures along with the artfully layered hooks. Featuring seven of Vancouver’s leading creative musicians, Fond of Tigers play a layered, nuanced music that explores musical possibilities ranging from the smallest gesture of extended technique, to the full avant-rock bombast possible with a wild, double drum-kit-led septet.


You’ll Never Get to Heaven is the stunning new ambient, electronic pop project by partners Chuck Blazevic (Dreamsploitation) and Alice Hansen. Most of the source material is taken from early 20th Century classical and 70s dub vinyl, with decades worth of scratches and dirt beautifully processed into flourishes of swirling texture. Alice’s delicate vocals emerge from this ambient fog to guide these tracks through a dream of pop music long forgotten.



About the riderless

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