New Album Conjured

When the tide eased back we triggered our canoes and silently guitar-paddled our city-folk compass’d in miracles way. The bearded man received us and gracefully offered his electricity and magic. Huddled in the heat, although guarded from the sun’s blister, we tempted our seance. Trials and errors, then trials. Shadowed in almost-candle-light, we made our peace.


1. Recording with Andy Magoffin at his new House Of Miracles
2. Two days of improvisation/sketching/attempting/structuring
3. Skeletal mixing
4. Pinpoint editing and selecting
5. Skeletal mixing and sequencing and debating

6. Final mixing and mastering underway, where we sit currently.

Soon come, spring or thereabouts, a new record. Hopefully offering some new thinking and playing. We’re quite pleased, definitely feels like a natural trajectory for the gathering of our sounds.

Interested parties looking for some company and/or business-crashing? We don’t show teeth, please get in touch.

(Hoping to have our records sit in closets overseas.)

Talk soon.


About the riderless

tribal factor mathematics
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