Dividing Locks Into Keys (2002 - 2012)

Dividing Locks Into Keys (2002 – 2012)

1. Numbers In Repair
2. Algiers Rhythm
3. Equal Parts 1
4. Equal Parts 2
5. Comes The Beginning Of Gold
6. Mitred Ego
7. Machine Faithed
8. Ceremonial And Sleeping
9. Tendoning
10. A Light’s Worth
11. Archiving Between The Lines
12. Owning Clocks
13. Basic Weather
14. Tree-Lined
15. Shadowed From The Trickery
16. Within The Hiding Pulse
17. Not Yet Still
18. Settles

Unreleased selections, improvisations, and mixes recorded live by Andy Magoffin at The House Of Miracles between 2002 and 2012. Mastered by Ryan Waldron. Artwork by Ian Doig-Phaneuf.

Atelier Gild Cover Artwork

Atelier Gild

1. Pacific
2. Takes Away The Pinch
3. Opine Number
4. Sojourn/Grace Note
5. Quantum Exquisites
6. Neutrals
7. Chewing Triangle
8. A Loud Sound Long Continued
9. Old House Hung-Up
10. Root And Potted Bond
11. Piled Canned Goods
12. False Thinking Circular Dreaming
13. Profit See
14. Silentry
15. Infinite Point
16. Life Internal
17. Low Low Distant Land
18. Raillery
19. Mantling
20. A Unit And 15 Ciphers
21. Blues With A Flower

Atelier Gild (2011) is a collection of our favored acoustic, pastoral, and ambient works from our previous albums, spanning nearly 10 years of recorded material. All recorded live by Andy Magoffin at The House of Miracles. Mastered by Tim Glasgow. Images by Beeple. Design + Layout by Lucas Stenning.

auction cover imageAuction

1. jast
2. et cetera
3. root and potted bond
4. struggling pinpoint exact
5. rybalk
6. creak apology
7. raillery
8. safe letter tuning
9. leverage invent
10. himalayan courtship

Recorded live in 2007 by Andy Magoffin at The House of Miracles. Mastered by Sandro Perri. Printed + Packaged by Standard Form. Artwork by Cheryl Fraser.

hand carving hand cover imageHand Carving Hand

1. in a sinking water-hole boat
2. half hidden
3. neutrals
4. shot ask fiction
5. false thinking circular dreaming
6. intenter agraphia
7. tin-can benefit bellow
8. infinite point
9. natif
10. tactic practice
11. silentry

Recorded live in 2005 at The House of Miracles by Andy Magoffin. Mastered + Artwork by Ryan Waldron. 

enciente cover artEnceinte

1. in every wakeof natural light
2. quantum exquisites
3. takes awaythe pinch
4. semi-aridhills
5. a loud sound longcontinued
6. profit see
7. broadcastlighting
8. life internal
9. meant mischief
10. atelier gild

Recorded live in 2005 at The House of Miracles by Andy Magoffin except track 9 recorded by The Riderless. Mastered by Ryan Waldron. Artwork by Cheryl Fraser. 

fallen Reverends cover artFallen Reverends

1. qua the rajah
2. bedlam and philter
3. a unit and 15 ciphers
4. nameless remold
5. in due pique
6. snow belt dub
7. mantling
8. terse
9. the seatist
10. low low distant land

Recorded in 2004 by Andy Magoffin at The House of Miracles. Mastered/Edited: Wil Byrick, Ryan Waldron and Cailen Dye. Artwork by Cheryl Fraser and Ryan Waldron.

remote mote locations cover artRemote Mote Locations

1. monstrous appetite
2. policy
3. chewing triangle
4. raft
5. old house hung-up
6. a thot
7. horse thief bay
8. global pillage
9. tiny chinese handmade dolls
10. piled canned goods
11. eye ran
12. blues with a flower
13. goodbye water

Recorded in 2004 by Andy Magoffin at The House of Miracles. Steve Debruyn captured track 7 at the Blacksheep Inn in Wakefield, QC. Artwork by Ryan Waldron.

The Red Pawn cover artThe Red Pawn *Out of Print*

1. fauna
2. pendulum
3. shepard’s pi
4. i got an email from poland
5. the day that never was
6. drone for no god

Recorded and mastered by Nick, at Fanshawe College in 2004. Artwork by Cheryl Fraser.

Bow or Bow cover artBow or Bow *Out of Print*

1. pacific
2. on behalf of …
3. life and times of mortmain
4. forum for an incurable curse
5. sojourn
6. grace note
7. careen index
8. lose countenance
9. opine number
10. troika

Recorded by Andy Magoffin at The House of Miracles in 2003. Artwork by Cheryl Fraser.

Hail of Knives cover artHail of Knives *Out of Print*

1. second skin of the rambling cobra
2. thirty tyrants
3. hopping fences
4. days before bombs
5. emptying mind blues
6. battle of the wilderness
7. hello water
8. coming back to the quiet
9. echowhalia
10. a flying cut-up
11. resurrectionists

Recorded by Andy Magoffin at The House of Miracles in 2002. Artwork Cheryl Fraser.


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