Past Shows


London, Saturday, February 16th @ Forest City Gallery w/ Absolutely Free

London, Saturday, September 8th @ APK Live w/ Fond Of Tigers & You’ll Never Get To Heaven


London, Friday, September 18th @ Call The Office (LOLA FESTIVAL) w/ Colorlist & Stop Die Resuscitate

London, Friday, July 24 @ East Village Arts Coop (Garage Space) w/ The Shalabi Effect & Normal Love

London, Saturday, June 20th @ Call the Office w/ Fond of Tigers, and CJ Boyd

Toronto, Sunday, May 31st @ The Drake Underground w/ Jordaan Mason and the Horse Museum & Dark Meat, part of Pitter Patter 2009

Toronto, Sunday, May 31st @ Kensington Pedestrian Sundays (outside The Boat), part of Pitter Patter 2009

London, Saturday, May 16th @ East Village Arts Co-op (EVAC) w/ Burial Song

London, April 11th @ Call the Office w/ Torngat

London, February 21st @ The Yale Street Speakeasy w/ Pick a Piper and Golden Death Music


Toronto, Sunday October 19th @ Tranzac

London, Saturday September 6th @ London Music Club w/ Fond of Tigers

London, Saturday August 9th @ Call the Office w/ Colorlist and Figure & Ground

London, Thursday June 19th @ Call the Office w/ Simply Saucer

London, Sunday April 27th @ Museum London w/ Stars of the Lid

Toronto, Saturday March 29th @ The Boat w/ Holoscene, For a Minor Reflection and Now Yr Taken

London, Saturday January 19th @ London Music Club w/ What Seas, What Shores, Epigram & Tunturia


London, Thursday October 25 @ Museum London w/ Nosferatu (silent film).

Canadian Mini-Tour With Loka

Toronto, Thursday August 30th @ The Drake Hotel
Montreal, Friday August 31st @ Casa del Popolo
Ottawa, Saturday September 1st @ Babylon
Quebec City, Sunday September 2th @ Le Temp Partial
London, Tuesday September 4th @ Call the Office
Hamilton, Wednesday September 5th @ Pepper Jack’s
Windsor, Thursday September 6th @ The Avalon Front
Guelph, Friday September 7th @ The Guelph Jazz Festival

Windsor, Saturday April 7th @ The Phog w/ Gyroscope.

Toronto, Thursday March 8th @ The Embasy w/ The Kent Boys and Isla Craig.

London, Thursday February 22nd @ Call the Office w/ Do Make Say Think.


London, Monday August 28th @ Forest City Gallery. Performing with Damo Suzuki The Riderless (us) and Sing That Yell That Spell, openers Figure and Ground.

London, Saturday July 22nd @ Forest City Gallery w/ People and Sailboats are White.

Windsor, Thursday July 20th @ Avalon Front w/ What Seas, What Shores and Measured in Angles.

London, Thursday July 13th @ The Salt Lounge (Health Inc Benefit) w/ Brian Pole, Whoa Bot, Sound Minds and HUE.

London, Tuesday June 20th @ Call the Office w/ Don Caballero and Measured in Angles.

London, Saturday June 10th Music For No One @ The Forest City Gallery w/ Figure & Ground, Sing That Yell That Spell, Exit 2012 and Electric Pony.

London, Saturday May 27th @ The Alex P. Keaton w/ Tokyo Police Club.

London, Friday May 5th @ The Last Drop w/ The Creeping Nobodies and Anagram.

The Riderless + The Absent Sound South-Westo Tour

London, Monday April 24th @ Call The Office w/ Young and Sexy.
Hamilton, Sunday April 23rd @ Casbah w/ A Northern Chorus and The Rest.
New Dundee, Saturday April 22nd @ The Ware-Room Gallery w/ The Royal School Series and Sing That Yell That Spell.
Windsor, Thursday April 20th @ The Phog w/ 87 Things For The Future and Caleb Farrugia (of What Seas, What Shores).

London, Saturday April 1st @ Forest City Gallery w/ Mahogany Frog and The Old Soul.

London, Thursday March 23rd @ The Last Drop w/ Art Pratten, Jeremy Hobbs, Cailen Dye and Ilkae.

Toronto, Saturday March 11th @ The Bagel w/ The Royal School Series and Tripping Hazard.

London, Saturday February 25th @ Action Reaction Studio w/ The Royal School Series and The Good Ideas.

London, Wednesday February 15th @ Alex P. Keaton w/ A Northern Chorus and Sandro Perri aka Polmo Polpo (acoustic).

London, Friday February 3rd @ Alex P. Keaton w/ Yellow Wood.

London, Thursday January 5th @ Round Tower w/ CJ Boyd + Sarah Tyson and The Together Atlast.


London, Thursday November 24th @ Forest City Gallery w/ A Northern Chorus.

London, Thursday October 20th @ Call the Office w/ Holy Fuck.

London, Thursday October 13th @ The Forest City Gallery, performing with Damo Suzuki w/ Pontius Pilate and the Naildrivers and DJ Phonecard.

London, Saturday September 24th @ The Courtyard Pub w/ Wax Mannequin.

London, Sunday September 18th @ Aeolian Hall w/ Winter Equinox, Figure & Ground and Cop Hands.

London, Thursday September 8th @ The Forest City Gallery (early show … 9:30 – 11:00).

Toronto, Tuesday August 30th @ Hacienda (The Ambient Ping series) w/ Michael Keith with David Sait.

London, Saturday August 27th @ Call the Office w/ the Akron/Family and Great Lake Swimmers.

Stratford, Thursday August 25th @ Rumours w/ Winter Equinox and The Medium.

Ottawa, Monday August 22nd @ Club Saw w/ No Birds and As the Poets Affirm.

Quebec City, Saturday August 20th @ le Temps Partiel w/ Destroy All Dreamers.

Montreal, Friday August 19th @ Casa del Popolo w/ Le Cigare, Sugar Shack and Winged Head Above the Waters.

London, Thursday August 18th @ The Forest City Gallery w/ No Birds.

Windsor, Wednesday August 17th @ The Phog w/ Bangkok Palace and 87 Things for the Future.

London, Thursday August 11th @ Action/Reaction Studios (402 1/2 Richmond Street, Upper Right) w/ low frequency pilot, Colin Fisher (Sing That Yell That Spell), OBLQ, Figure & Ground and video projections by Zoomboy.

Toronto, Saturday August 6th @ The Boat (A Night of Psychedelia)

London, Saturday July 30th @ The Aeolian Hall (Fusion Festival).

Windsor, Friday July 22nd @ The Phog w/ Wax Mannequin and Mind of a Squid.

London, Tuesday July 19th @ The Round Tower w/ OBLQ, Figure & Ground and Cop Hands.

London, Tuesday July 12th @ The Salt Lounge

London, Saturday June 25th @ The Alex P. Keaton.

Woodstock, Friday June 24th @ The Knights of Columbus w/ Cosmic Repercussions, Only Dead Fingers Talk In Braille, Capeside and Jasper.

West Coast Tour

May 8 – London, ON @ London Music Club w/ As the Poets Affirm and Figure & Ground with OBLQ
May 11 – Winnipeg, MB @ Royal Albert w/ The Absent Sound
May 12 – Saskatoon, SK @ The Bassment w/ No Birds, Richard Pryor and Mitch Grier
May 14 – Calgary, AB @ The Night Gallery w/ Wax Mannequin and The Summerlad
May 16 – Nelson, BC @ The Royal Pub w/ Wax Mannequin and Jay Morritt
May 20 – Victoria, BC @ the fifty fifty arts collective w/ The Meat Draw and The Death Valley Sunbeams
May 21 – Vancouver, BC @ Pat’s Pub w/ Wax Mannequin, Fun 100 and Mark of the Beats
May 24 – Nelson, BC @ The Royal Pub w/ Wax Mannequin and Corwin Fox
May 25 – Grand Forks, BC @ The Station Pub w/ Wax Mannequin and Corwin Fox
May 26 – Golden, BC @ Packer’s Pub
May 28 – Calgary, AB @ Night Gallery w/ Collapsing Opposites and The Disposable Cars
May 30 – Winnipeg, MB @ The Livre Theatre w/ Hellina Copter, Wax Mannequin and Corwin Fox
May 31 – Thunder Bay, ON @ The Doll House w/ Wax Mannequin and Corwin Fox
June 2 – Sudbury, ON @ Townehouse w/ Jay Morritt
June 3 – Toronto @ Rancho Relaxo w/ They Captured People and Corwin Fox

London, Friday April 15th @ The Whippet Lounge w/ People for Audio.

Stratford, Friday April 8th @ Curry on w/ People for Audio & Setup for the Letdown.

Windsor, Saturday April 2nd @ The Phog w/ Bangkok Palace.

London, Tuesday, March 29th @ The Salt Lounge w/ Proeliis Fere.

London, Saturday March 26th @ The A.P.K. : Appreciation Day.

London, Thursday March 24th @ The Last Drop w/ Mind of a Squid.

Hamilton, Saturday March 12th @ The Corktown Tavern w/ A Northern Chorus, Sianspheric & Mind of a Squid.

London, Thursday February 24th @ Call the Office w/ Destroy All Dreamers, Below the Sea & Charles Spearin (solo).

Stratford, Saturday January 29th @ Curry On w/ Sing that Yell that Spell & Winter Equinox.

Hamilton, Friday January 28th @ The Corktown Tavern w/ Mind of a Squid & Redshift.

London, Thursday January 13th @ The Last Drop w/ The Silent Film Soundtrack & DJ Phonecard.


London, Friday December 3rd @ The Last Drop w/ All I See Is Red & Winter Equinox.

Toronto, Thursday December 2nd @ Rancho Relaxo w/ League Champs & Grassy Knoll & the Magic Bullit.

Windsor, Friday November 26th @ Phog w/ All I See Is Red & Bloemfontein.

Peterborough, Saturday November 6th @ The Trasheteria
w/ All I See Is Red.

London, Friday October 29th @ Grooves Record Store (3 pm)

Toronto, Friday October 15th @ Rancho Relaxo
w/ Winter Equinox & Sing that Yell that Spell.

Hamilton, Sunday October 10th @ The Corktown Tavern
w/ Explosions in the Sky, Adem & The Battleship, Ethel.

London, Saturday October 9th @ The Last Drop
w/ All I See Is Red & Bloemfontein.

Windsor, Friday October 8th @ Phog
w/ All I See Is Red & Bloemfontein.

Oshawa, Friday September 24th @ The Velvet Elvis

London, Saturday September 11th @ Suz Blues House
w/ …As the Poets Affirm & low frequency pilot.

London, Tuesday September 7th @ Call the Office
w/ Bob Log III.

Ottawa, Saturday August 21st @ Zaphod’s
w/ …As the Poets Affirm.

Wakefield, Quebec, Thursday August 19th @ The Blacksheep Inn
w/ …As the Poets Affirm.

Toronto, Tuesday August 17th @ The 360
w/ three acts DJ Phonecard.

Hamilton, Saturday August 14th @ the CORK.


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